Web design 5.0

The internet is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it and it seems to be important. While its foundations were laid back in the 1960s, it is omnipresent today. You simply have to be part of it – with your own web presence: professionally and creatively designed, with search engine relevant texts and a large portion of individuality and excellence.

We set the stage for companies and brands on the internet: always at the forefront of the latest technological developments, new creative ideas and highly-motivated web designers and text editors. We are convincing in all industries with strong web presences and we regularly create new eye catchers and web trends.

Our developments for modern and refreshing websites show that our customers no longer survive on recommendations alone, but on the direct emotional proximity to their target group on the internet.

Unbeatable advantages – individual design

In the design and programming of our premium websites, we make use of well-known Content Management Systems (CMS), which are ideally suited for both small and large websites. Regular updates and maintenance ensure a stable, high-performance and error-free website.

Customers can carry out modifications to their website themselves, as these do not require any HTML knowledge. A bonus for our customers! Modifications such as news or current vacancies can be carried out instantly and from anywhere. All you need is a PC with internet access. Comfortable media management for content images, PDFs, videos or other data formats additionally offer customers special opportunities for addressing end-customers and potential customers in the best possible way.


We steer your website onto the road to success

Optimised for search engines, our websites cover all important SEO measures. More visibility in the Google ranking, more traffic and more conversions are the secrets to success for a website by Giel Frankfurt GmbH – take a look and see for yourself

A (very) small selection of our work: