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Image films convey both emotions and information in the same moment. Image films create attention, provide security for customers, support the corporate image and, in addition, they offer a magnet for national and international commissions.

Pictures say more than words, particularly when they are animated. We make use of this effect for the audio-visual and multi-media presentation of companies, products, work processes, services and important people, or for personnel recruitment. The results are interesting, exciting and winning image films that customers will surely remember.

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3D entertainment

Our most important credo is to create high-grade films at all times. In this context, we will continue to place our focus on 3D animation in the future. The combination of emotional image films and the 3D animation of logos, buildings or business processes significantly strengthens the customer address. We therefore offer high-performance 3D animations in professional quality – and at a fair price. Find out for yourself!
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Online animated images

We are more than the sum of our YouTube hits. In combination with digital activities in large animated image portals on the internet, we offer an attractive portfolio for our customers.

We create online video formats for the European market and we produce in the areas of online clips, docutainment and web TV – high-quality and emotional for our customers’ target group.

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TV production

TV productions are an important mainstay of our work. We produce successful formats for small and medium-sized as well as large companies. With presentation advertising for the German TV market and through co-operations with leading news channels, we are among the market-leading production companies.

We thus obtain a valuable circle of viewers consisting of important opinion leaders and disseminators for our customers.

Cinema advertising

When the lights go out at the cinema, all attention is focused on the screen. Companies become movie stars – in brilliant viewing quality and first-class sound. An advertising film continues to be the classic cinema advertisement. Holistic screen campaigns with customer-specific planning and realisation: with cinema advertising we offer a variety of possible advertising formats that convey the advertising message specifically for a target group. This way, wasted coverage is reduced to a minimum and advertising funds are put to best use.

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