A strong team is the basis of all success

Not just our marketing concepts are groundbreaking but also our business structure, which is a major driving force for the success of Giel Frankfurt GmbH. We greatly value respect, trust and fairness because these values themselves form the basis of our leadership style and thus make us an attractive employer for newcomers, young professionals and senior professionals.

We are looking for people who want to discover innovative and creative marketing with us.

How to apply:

  1. Use the search function or “advanced search” to find the right job vacancy.
  2. Apply for a specific available position and then send us your application materials directly online including a cover letter, a CV and all relevant information.
  3. Now lean back and relax. We will get in touch via phone once we have viewed your application and will keep you up to date. Please have a little patience.

Our tip:

Send us your application in German. Processing will be faster and more effective this way.

Stellenangebot Vertriebsmitarbeiter

What should I keep in mind for the job interview?

You have applied and are now about to have your first meeting and interview? First of all, congratulations! You have taken the first step into our large, exciting marketing world.

Make sure you arrive a little early for your appointment so you can relax, and allow some time for traffic jams or late trains. Get in touch by phone it you won’t be able to make it on time. Don’t forget that we have all been in this situation before – also the person interviewing you. Keep in mind that you have been invited because of your qualifications. Our interviewers are professionals and know that feeling nervous is a normal part of job interviews.

Please understand that we are not able to cover any costs arising from job interviews with our company.

In case of questions, we will be glad to help. You can find all the ways to contact us on our contact page.